Best Cure For Yeast Infection

best cure for yeast infection

There are a number of different ways to treat and cure a yeast infection. One of the most popular ways is to use prescription drugs.

Whether you think you have a yeast infection or not, the first step is to see your doctor. There are several other conditions that can mimic the symptoms of a yeast infection, so it is always best to get a doctor’s diagnosis. If you experience significant pain or swelling of your vagina or vulva, or if you are not responding to over-the-counter remedies, you should consult a doctor.

You may also try topical medications to help clear up your infection. These can be purchased over-the-counter or as a prescription. Many of these medications contain steroid ingredients, which may ease discomfort and inflammation. Benzocaine and resorcinol may also help alleviate the symptoms. These two ingredients are found in a local anesthetic cream.

These medications are sometimes ineffective, though, and can damage your body. Fortunately, there is are natural treatments for yeast infection that are often more effective. This cure not only works to kill the infection but also keeps the body healthy and the yeast from thriving in the first place.

A natural treatment for yeast infection is yogurt. Yogurt contains a high concentration of probiotics, which help fight the candida albicans bacteria. Or you can eat three or four garlic cloves each day, or you can also buy garlic supplements. You can also crush garlic cloves and use them as a paste to wash the affected area.

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