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Small Wood Projects

It’s summer time again, and small wood projects may be high on your list of priorities this year. Many of these simple DIY wood projects are not only very decorative; they are also extremely useful, as well. So take some time to gather your woodworking supplies, and begin to take each and every simple wood project in a slow, deliberate fashion. Over time, you’ll have a portfolio of projects to hand that you can call your own, and showcase for your friends and family.

When you first get started with making small wood projects, you might want to get going with something like a small table lamp or similar for your hobby area. After you have had some practice, you can then make larger pieces for your collection.

Or among your first few small wood projects to tackle might be some kind of birdhouse. Some people are happy to buy their birdhouses already built and in good shape, though others prefer to make their birdhouses from scratch! Either way is fine, but what a great starting place for a woodworker as it can give you the confidence to build larger, more complicated pieces later.

Another great small wood project for beginners is to build a simple wine rack. This is such an easy project that even children can do it, without too much adult supervision. You’ll need a few pieces of wood, a couple of hooks, a couple of nails, and maybe some wood shavings to help cover and protect the nails.

An excellent place to start is by finding a woodworking project that involves using a drill press. A drill press is something every woodworker needs regardless of how much experience they have with woodworking. If you’re just starting out, getting one is highly recommended, so that you can practice drilling for screwdrivers, nuts and bolts without having to worry about damaging your home or the floor. Plus, these drills can be used later for many woodworking projects as well, such as a new woodworker table or some simple woodcraft project.

Decorating with small wood projects takes a bit more finesse than simply putting in some screws or hinges. There are a lot of things that go into successfully completing a well decorated item, such as the right finish and tools to achieve the look you’re going for. For example, if you create a wine rack, you might choose a wine cork and find a way to decorate it to your liking. A wine cork will not fit perfectly into a regular wine rack so you will have to either make or buy some decorative nails or glue to attach it to the wall properly.

If you build a birdhouse, to complement it you could consider building a bird feeder stand. As a simple wood project, it could be very enjoyable to build.

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