Woodcraft Design Software

When it comes to CAD design software, SketchUp and Fusion are two of the most popular. An advantage of these software programs is that they allow you to try out different design variations. You can also use these programs for 3D printing, interior design, and construction projects. Both SketchUp and Fusion are available for free… Continue reading Woodcraft Design Software

Woodwork Books

Woodwork books are inexpensive resources that offer a wealth of information for the aspiring woodworker. Most of them are focused on safety, technique, and product. Reading these books can inspire you to create your next masterpiece. A few examples are below. You can also find useful tips for beginners. This article will discuss a few… Continue reading Woodwork Books

Simple Wood Project Plans

For beginners, simple wood project plans are perfect. They require minimal tools and little time to build. Even kids can work on simple projects with simple wood project plans. These plans are beginner/easy and do not require an expert hybrid saw or other expensive equipment. They also are great for kids because they can be… Continue reading Simple Wood Project Plans

Free Woodworking 3D CAD

A free woodworking 3D CAD tool is available online that makes woodworking design simple. Onshape also allows you to plan your woodworking project and create a variety of shapes, including those for 3D printing. It is a great alternative to expensive 3D modeling software, such as AutoDesk Inventor. You can use it to create 3D… Continue reading Free Woodworking 3D CAD

3D Wood Projects

The process of creating wood products is certainly not new, but it is only recently that 3D design software been applied to the production of wood products. It is capable of creating almost any object, and it can reproduce historic mouldings without using moulding knives or more material than necessary. Moreover, this method does not… Continue reading 3D Wood Projects

CAD Pro Furniture Design

With CAD Pro, you can create blueprints for modern furniture. The software features a sketch tracing feature that lets you import designs and modify them to create effective blueprints. You can also add voice instructions, pop-up texts, images, and other objects to your designs. With the help of thousands of symbols, you can also design… Continue reading CAD Pro Furniture Design

Hobby Woodworking Projects

Aside from being a fun hobby, woodworking projects can also be a lucrative side business. Woodworking is a specialized art and requires technical skills, which not everyone has. Regardless of your experience level, you can earn extra cash by selling finished woodworking projects to other people. Items made by hand make great gifts, and people… Continue reading Hobby Woodworking Projects

Woodworking CAD Software Free

You can download woodworking CAD software for free. These programs can help you design any kind of project from a small table to a huge furniture. Once you have designed your project, you can break it down into smaller parts, see it in different perspectives, and find any problems before you cut a single piece… Continue reading Woodworking CAD Software Free

Make Your Own Furniture

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer and love to craft, you can make your own furniture at home. Not only will you save money and have an awesome new piece of furniture to show off, but you can also be teaching your kids about hard work and safety. Here are some of the things you need to… Continue reading Make Your Own Furniture