16,000 Highly-Detailed Woodworking Plans

Woodworking Drawing

Woodworking drawings are an essential part of any project. These detailed representations of your work will help you determine the exact dimensions of the pieces you need to make. These drawings also show you how everything fits together so that you can make the project as exactly as possible. In addition, they will show you… Continue reading Woodworking Drawing

FreeCAD For Woodworking

With FreeCAD for woodworking, you can create woodworking plans without the need for costly CAD software. You can create the perfect cabinet by following plans that are available for download online. Most free CA woodworking files are furniture and cabinet plans. You can even find drafting table plans in dxf or dwg formats. This kind… Continue reading FreeCAD For Woodworking

CAD For Woodworkers

The goal of a CAD for woodworkers course is to teach students to design their projects using computer-aided design software. The course is structured around three key areas: customizing the workspace, dimensioning, and scales, and output. Having a clear understanding of these areas is the first step to becoming a competent woodworker. If you’ve been… Continue reading CAD For Woodworkers

Woodworking Project Design Software

When you’re planning a woodworking project, you’ll need design software to help you create your plans. Fortunately, there are several free design software options available to you. If you don’t have any budget for software, Blender and Inkscape are excellent choices. Both are open source and free, and offer a robust library of furniture designs.… Continue reading Woodworking Project Design Software

3D Woodworking Projects

Are you looking for a tool to create 3D woodworking projects? There are several different options available for you to create 3D designs. You can use free or paid software. In this article, we’ll cover the advantages and what you should look for. If you’re not sure what 3D software is right for you, we’ll… Continue reading 3D Woodworking Projects

Wood Building Project Ideas

Looking for wood building project ideas? Consider creating a toy catapult. While this project may require some basic hand tools, it is a fun, easy project to build. Besides being functional, this project can be used to play games of skill and joy. Plus, it will be a unique way to show off your creativity!… Continue reading Wood Building Project Ideas

731 Woodworking

The company 731 Woodworks was started by Matt McLaughlin in March 2017. The name is a nod to the company’s start date – July 31st. The business started as a hobby – McLaughlin bought a $100 two-by-four set after watching a YouTube video by Jay Bates. He started selling the chairs and also posted videos… Continue reading 731 Woodworking