16,000 Highly-Detailed Woodworking Plans

Woodworking Ideas

When you need new and creative woodworking ideas, there are loads of ways to get them. You just have to think outside the box. If you want to create a wooden toy box for your little one, you can. What if you wanted to make a coffee table from old barrels? There are plenty of… Continue reading Woodworking Ideas

DIY Woodworking

In my opinion, one of the best beginner DIY woodworking projects is building a shed. This particular project provides a lot of options for creativity and challenge. There are many free woodworking plans available for beginner to intermediate level projects. A simple search on the internet will reveal hundreds of free plans for small woodworking… Continue reading DIY Woodworking

Beginner Woodworking Plans

When you’re starting out with woodworking, finding the right beginner woodworking plans can be a challenge. How do you know if they are worth the paper they’re printed on? Here we look at some basic mistakes beginners make when they’re out looking for woodworking plans. Many plans are available for sale on the internet. That’s… Continue reading Beginner Woodworking Plans

Home Woodworking Projects

If you enjoy the satisfaction of working with your hands, then you may be looking for ideas for fun home woodworking projects. There are many different types of projects, from small to larger ones, and they all have their place in the home improvement arena. Many people find the joy of woodworking to be addictive,… Continue reading Home Woodworking Projects

Simple Woodworking Plans

Simple woodworking projects can be very fun to do if you have basic skills and enjoy working with your hands. If you are thinking of starting a new project, you will want to start out with simple woodworking plans. Woodworking is a great hobby that can give you a lot of pleasure. You can get… Continue reading Simple Woodworking Plans

DIY Furniture

You’ve had a thought that you’d like to build your own furniture.┬áThere are lots of good reasons why you should be a part of the plan of building something from scratch, and this article explains something of why and what to expect when you start your project. DIY furniture projects are popular because they’re so… Continue reading DIY Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Plans

Here are some simple and cheap outdoor patio furniture suggestions to include in your plans. If you are starting out woodworking, outdoor furniture is definitely a good place to begin. There are no expensive pieces of plywood or intricate cuts to make. A simple lattice patterned cover over a wicker picnic table will enhance your… Continue reading Outdoor Furniture Plans

Small Wood Projects

It’s summer time again, and small wood projects may be high on your list of priorities this year. Many of these simple DIY wood projects are not only very decorative; they are also extremely useful, as well. So take some time to gather your woodworking supplies, and begin to take each and every simple wood… Continue reading Small Wood Projects

Woodwork Projects

No woodworker is happy if he or she is without woodwork projects to complete. Later on this page are some suggestions for woodwork projects you might like to take on. A lot of people are interested to start their own business by selling their woodwork projects but they have some problems when it comes to… Continue reading Woodwork Projects

Woodworking DIY

Woodworking DIY is an enjoyable way to create a personal touch with any project. You can even turn it into a money-making venture, with plans to build chairs, tables and even outdoor accents. The question remains, what tools do you need for woodworking DIY? Here are some suggestions for the beginner. Most woodworking DIY projects… Continue reading Woodworking DIY