Vertical Jump Training

vertical jump training

A vertical jump training workout program should include a variety of exercises designed to increase your vertical leap. Most of these exercises will involve weight-lifting equipment. You can purchase vertical jump workout programs that provide workout routines, sets, and reps. These programs are easy to follow and are often written by former athletes. They are also relatively inexpensive, but you will need to practise patience and discipline to see results.

The exercises are targeted to specific muscle groups. A vertical jump training program can add eight to twelve inches to your vertical jump. It will also give you a boost in speed and quickness. The program includes videos and warm-up exercises that will increase your vertical jump. Once you buy the guide, you’ll be able to access these videos and workouts.

Another exercise to improve your vertical jump is the hang clean. This is an Olympic-style lift, but is simpler. This exercise focuses on explosive hip extension, instead of the full range of motion as it is in the squat. It has also been shown to increase your vertical jump more than isolated squats. This is because hang cleans are faster to execute than squats. For this reason, they are often considered the best vertical jump training exercise.

You should also incorporate off-day exercises into your training regimen. These exercises are meant to keep your muscles stretched. In the case of vertical jump training, you may want to add weighted resistance exercise to your workout. This will help your body build more explosive force.

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