Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump

exercises to increase vertical jump

Aside from training your legs, you should also try plyometric exercises to increase your vertical jump. These exercises encourage both upper and lower body strength, which will help you develop power and explosiveness when you jump. There are several types of side jumps, and you can start with a simple one to build up your strength and vertical leaping abilities.

Compound exercises are very effective in increasing vertical jump height. These exercises train the muscles to work together and strengthen one another. For example, your quadriceps will work with your hamstrings and calves. You can use dumbbells or barbells to perform compound exercises. A combination of both types of exercise is best for maximum results.

Kettlebell swings are another exercise that targets the major muscles involved in jumping. This total-body exercise is great for building leg strength, coordination, and balance. It works both legs, so you’ll need to perform it with perfect form and intensity. Beginners can perform this exercise with 12 kg before progressing to a 24-kg weight.

Jumping rope is also an effective exercise for increasing vertical jump. Jumping rope improves explosive power, which is essential for improving vertical jumping prowess. However, be sure to use the correct length of rope to avoid injury and boost efficiency.

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