Vertical Jump Program

A vertical jump program consists of exercises that increase your vertical leap. A jumper needs to be able to execute high-intensity exercises. The first step in your vertical jump program is to find an exercise that will increase your vertical leap. A box jump is an excellent exercise to increase your vertical leap. To do… Continue reading Vertical Jump Program

Vertical Jump Measurement Tool

There are a number of different vertical jump measurement tools on the market. The most common is the Vertec, which measures ‘ultimate reach’ and has been popular in US sports. It costs approximately $699, and is a very large piece of equipment. It isn’t the most portable tool, but it can provide you with quantifiable… Continue reading Vertical Jump Measurement Tool

Standing Vertical Jump

A standing vertical jump is an exercise that is beneficial for the lower body. You can do it as part of a warm up or as a high-intensity workout. It can also help you increase your overall vertical leap. It’s important to understand how to safely perform a jump. Here’s how to go about training… Continue reading Standing Vertical Jump

Good Vertical Jump

In order to understand the basics of vertical jump training, you need to understand how the sport is played. Most people believe that it is about height, but there are many factors that can play into a jump’s performance. First, the way vertical jumps are measured varies from individual to individual. Some athletes jump higher… Continue reading Good Vertical Jump

Vertical Jump Training Program

To start a vertical jump training program, you must find a training program that suits your goals and schedule. The training program you choose should be based on the sport that you are playing. High school athletes with minimal experience in training should avoid plyometric exercises, which can put undue stress on ligaments and tendons.… Continue reading Vertical Jump Training Program

Vertical Jump Exercises

Vertical jump exercises are an excellent way to improve your strength and endurance levels. These exercises are also common standards for measuring athletic performance. The exercises are often referred to as the Sargent jump, after Olympic athlete Dudley Allen Sargent. Read on to learn more about vertical jump exercises. Once you have the correct equipment,… Continue reading Vertical Jump Exercises

Vertical Jump Mat

The Sargent Test was a common method for measuring vertical jump height. An athlete would slap chalk on a wall and then measure the marks to determine the jump height. Later, mechanical measuring systems became the standard. The vertical jump mat measures jump height by establishing two states: contact time (Ct) and flight time (Ft).… Continue reading Vertical Jump Mat

Vertical Jump Calculator

A vertical jump calculator uses physics equations to determine the jump height and force needed to complete the jump. The calculator requires no special hardware. To use it, simply tap the start button when your feet leave the ground, then release it. The device will calculate the jump height by calculating the force of gravity… Continue reading Vertical Jump Calculator