Natural Treatment For Dizziness

Inflammation of the inner ear can lead to dizziness. Lemon and basil help the body deal with this condition. A natural remedy for dizziness is a salad that contains lemon peel. Rescue Remedy, an equal mixture of flower remedies, can relieve the symptoms of dizziness related to panic attacks. The herbs that make up Rescue Remedy include Cherry Plum, Impatiens, Clematis, and Star of Bethlehem. You can also try taking apple cider vinegar three times a day, mixed with either hot or cold water.

Dizziness is often accompanied by tinnitus or trouble hearing. Moving the head can exacerbate the symptoms. If you can’t stop shaking your head, try a sports drink. If all else fails, consult your primary care provider for further evaluation. Diagnosis is important, as your primary care provider can rule out serious conditions that can lead to dizziness. Other potential causes include taking CNS depressants, taking sleeping pills, anxiety tablets, beta blockers, and excessive television viewing.

Another natural treatment for dizziness is using essential oils and acupressure to reduce stress. Relaxing activities such as massage and journaling are great ways to promote a sense of calm. People who suffer from dizziness are advised to avoid reoccurring stress, especially anxiety. Additionally, essential oils like lavender can help people cope with anxiety. While there are no guaranteed cures for dizziness, you can try these treatments to reduce your risk of experiencing the symptoms.

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