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Ear Crystals And Dizziness

ear crystals and dizziness

If you suffer from dizziness, you may be suffering from ear crystals. These crystals can get loose, and their movement can cause you to experience dizziness. Luckily, this condition usually subsides quickly. However, it’s important to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Doctors can use the Epley maneuver to reposition the crystals. This maneuver involves turning your head 45 degrees to one side and then 90 degrees to the other side. You can try this exercise twice a day until you no longer experience symptoms. During this time, you should avoid bending forward and sleeping on the affected side.

It is not uncommon for these crystals to come loose. This can cause severe nausea and sometimes a dizzy feeling. Most people who experience loose crystals will vomit and feel dizzy. They may also experience eye tickling or a spinning sensation. If you suspect you might have ear crystals, you should visit an audiologist or ear, nose and throat doctor.

Another treatment option is ear candling. This procedure is an alternative to surgery and is safe for people suffering from vestibular symptoms. A trained professional can perform the procedure, which can remove the calcium crystals. A skilled technician will do the procedure in order to ensure the correct side is being treated and to pinpoint the exact location of the crystal.

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