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Crystalisation Of Ear Canals Dizziness

crystalisation of ear canals dizziness

People who suffer from dizziness due to crystalisation of ear canals may seek treatment. The Epley maneuver, a method that involves moving the ear away from the head, may help to reposition the otoconia. This maneuver may involve holding the head in several positions for a short time.

A condition known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo affects the ears. The cause of this condition is an accumulation of calcium carbonate debris (otoconia). The otoconia form within the utricle, which prevents them from migrating into the canal system. Some people are born with damaged utricles. Age, infection, or advanced age can also cause the crystals to grow in the ear.

While there is no cure for BPPV, it is possible to treat the condition with a series of physiotherapy exercises. The first exercise helps the crystals move into another chamber of the ear. Once they are in another chamber, they are absorbed into the body. Exercises involving the Epley maneuver are the most effective for this condition. You should also seek medical advice if you notice any of the above symptoms.

People with a history of head trauma are more likely to develop crystals in their ear canals. Other people may develop crystals in the ear if they have recently gone through a head trauma. Older people are more susceptible to this problem, as are athletes. Women after menopause are more likely to develop calcium deposits. These crystals are similar to concretions. The first step to treating BPPV is to identify the specific ear canal that contains the crystals.

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