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Can Apple Cider Vinegar Cause Dizziness?

can apple cider vinegar cause dizziness

There are several causes of dizziness, and one of them can be consumption of apple cider vinegar. Dizziness may be caused by different diseases, traumas, or lifestyle factors. Apple cider vinegar supplementation is unlikely to help chronic cases of dizziness, but some sufferers find that it can help with the occasional bout.

Raw honey and apple cider vinegar are used for various health benefits, such as respiratory and lung health. The mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey should be taken twice a day. Drinking apple cider vinegar mixed with raw honey can help reduce symptoms of vertigo. For best results, drink the mixture two to three times daily. Another effective way to reduce symptoms is to mix a teaspoon of the two with a glass of water. This solution can be taken whenever you feel dizzy.

If taken in combination with medication, it is possible for blood sugar to become too low, which will cause dizziness, amongst other problems.

As it is acidic, apple cider vinegar can also cause tooth erosion. The acidity of the vinegar will lead to tooth enamel erosion, which is a very serious condition requiring cosmetic repair procedures. As an added caution, you may experience burning and irritation in your throat.

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