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Acupressure Points For Dizziness

acupressure points for dizziness

If you are having problems with dizziness, you may benefit from acupressure. This method can help you get relief from a variety of conditions, including headaches and vertigo. It works by stimulating acupressure points on the face. These points are located on the inner corners of the eyes. The thumb and index finger can be used to stimulate these points.

The Triple Warmer point is one of the most common acupressure points for dizziness. Located behind the ear lobe, this point can be activated with steady finger pressure for up to one minute. It treats vertigo and nausea, as well as many other ear conditions.

Another effective acupressure point for dizziness is PC6, also known as the Pericardium. This point is located about two finger widths below the wrist crease and is most commonly stimulated with the index finger. It can also relieve chest congestion and relieve anxiety and depression.

Acupuncture can also treat other problems such as TMJ. It can also relieve dizziness by stimulating your body’s lymph system and helping to restore balance. The first step is a deep state of relaxation. Having a healthy mind and body is important for overall wellness.

Using acupressure on the feet and hands is a good way to help ease symptoms and improve circulation. You can use a pencil eraser, fingertip, or knuckle to gently press the acupressure points on the body. If you find that one or two of these acupressure points don’t work for you, try using a different area of the body.

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