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The Truth About Abs:

Myths and misconceptions about belly fat loss dispelled

A brief review

A best-seller for several years now, Mike Geary's Truth About Abs program strips away the myths and misconceptions fed to those trying to lose belly fat and developing the highly sought-after "six-pack", which is of course the formation of well-toned abdominal muscles on a flat stomach - the "ripped" look.

The book promotes a lifestyle change involving optimum nutrition, with the selection of the right foods, and an exercise program designed both to remove body fat and to improve muscle condition and tone to the point that the abdominals are revealed - the elusive "six pack abs" - along with a much healthier and more attractive body condition overall.


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Surprisingly, Mike's Truth About Abs book does not urge the user to undertake workouts involving the endless ab crunches and and other exercises that one might expect of a program which purports to remove stomach fat and reveal the six-pack. On the contrary, he recommends a system of exercising which involves the whole body and promotes an elevated metabolic rate, leading to a lean and rock-hard physique which includes the the abdominal area.

Absent too are the traditional lengthy workouts with cardiovascular exercise (popularly known as "cardio"); instead, the Truth About Six Pack Abs user is shown alternative and highly-effective cardio exercises which do not take up unnecessary amounts of time. The user's fitness as well as the stomach benefits from the great improvement brought about by this training.

The Truth About Abs program does include workouts several times a week, though. There is no suggestion that there is any magic button which will bring instant results, but the effective and proven exercises, if followed conscientiously, will bring noticeable change within weeks towards a lean body with the desired six-pack.

As with the better weight-loss programs, the problems with the diet industry's low-carb, low-fat, low-calorie approach are exposed in The Truth About Abs. Rather than espousing quick-fix methods, Mike reveals meal plan secrets which are intended to be for life, helping the user to lose belly fat and obtain the great results which may have previously appeared so difficult to achieve.

Good natural foods which truly aid in fat burning are encouraged, while many of the processed offerings of the diet industry are revealed in review to be junk food in disguise which will only add to the difficulty of losing weight.

In helping the user to gain a wholly lean, healthy body and fitness along with the six pack abs, Geary reveals an approach to eating which is truly nutritious yet enjoyable enough to be maintained with ease by both men and women, and to a workout routine which brings genuine results in a shorter space of time than many traditional methods.

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