How To Get Rid Of TMJ

TMJ Treatment Options

tmj treatment options

A variety of reversible and conservative TMJ treatment options are available. They usually involve making temporary changes to the jaw and teeth. Sometimes, patients with TMJ pain also need to take prescribed medications. These are usually prescribed by a physician based on the severity of the symptoms and the health of the patient. One of the most popular TMJ treatment options is oral splints. They help with grinding, clenching, and malocclusion. They also help alleviate jaw pain. One recent study found that oral splints are helpful for short-term management of TMJ pain.

Medications for TMJ include over-the-counter pain relievers and stronger prescription medications. Some dentists also prescribe antidepressants and muscle relaxants in small doses. Aside from NSAIDs such as ibuprofen, muscle relaxants can help reduce the pain and inflammation in the jaw. The use of these medications is recommended only when other options are ineffective, though.

Another option for TMJ treatment involves arthroscopy. This involves making a small incision in the skin above the affected TMJ and inserting a thin tube containing small instruments. Arthroscopy has fewer risks than open joint surgery and can be an effective treatment for TMJD.

If your symptoms are bothersome and affecting your daily life, you should consider TMJ treatment. A qualified physician will recommend an effective treatment that will address the underlying causes of TMD.

How To Get Rid Of TMJ

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