How To Get Rid Of TMJ

How to Stop Teeth Grinding

how to stop teeth grinding

For those who are suffering from teeth grinding, there are natural methods that can help you stop the habit. The most important solution is to avoid stressful situations. This includes reducing your consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and chocolate, and engaging in relaxing activities. You can also try using a cool teething ring to reduce the amount of time you spend grinding your teeth.

If you have a history of teeth grinding, undergoing cognitive behavioral therapy may be a good way to stop the habit. This form of therapy helps you develop more favorable thought associations and helps you avoid the negative ones. It is a great method to reduce stress and help you sleep better. It can also be used to help with problems related to sleep apnea.

Other methods that can help you stop the habit include yoga and weighted blankets. Both of these methods can help lower your heart rate, which in turn calms your body. Avoiding substances such as tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, and ecstasy is also another option. It is also wise to avoid chewing gum, since this can encourage clenching of the jaw. You may also want to visit a dentist if you feel this condition is affecting your health.

Another way to stop teeth grinding is to stop using your jaw when you sleep. The jaw can become looser by opening your mouth wide and relaxing it. If you find that you can’t stop grinding your teeth, try using a mouthguard during the night. These mouthguards are often called dental guards, night guards, or bite guards. They are worn at night to protect your teeth from being knocked down while you sleep.

How To Get Rid Of TMJ

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