Selling Stock Photography

If you want to make money selling stock photography, you have to be able to take great images. The first step is to have a good camera, and invest in a tripod to take sharp photos. You also need to make sure your images are centered and have a clear concept. Stock photos are very competitive because almost every subject has been covered by someone else.

Before you start selling your stock photography, it is important that you understand the different rates for different types of images. Beginners should start small and increase their sales as they gain experience. Most single images will only fetch a few cents or dollars. Nevertheless, quantity is as important as quality. Once you have enough quality photographs, you can sell them at a higher price.

The income from stock photography is not huge, but it can be good. However, it requires several years of hard work and expensive equipment. In addition, you will not start seeing an income for months, so you need to be prepared for high competition and a long wait before you start seeing a profit. A great photographer can make thousands of dollars a year from selling stock photography, but most struggle to make ends meet.

Selling stock photos can be lucrative and fun, but the first hurdle is getting your work noticed. It is essential to understand what types of images people want and make yourself known as an expert in the field. A strong portfolio is also important.

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