How To Sell Stock Photos

In order to learn how to sell stock photos, it is important to first have an understanding of who will buy your images. The most common buyers of stock photography are small-to-medium website owners and bloggers. People-at-work images are very popular. However, you should avoid shooting the same type of images over again, or you may end up with generic memes. Tools, nature, and travel images are also in high demand.

When learning how to sell stock photos, it is important to understand the differences between editorial use and commercial use. An editorial use of a photograph is generally the use of the image for informational purposes. However, commercial use can also include advertisements. For this reason, it is important to get model releases if you plan to use the photographs commercially.

There are two main types of photo marketplaces – Shutterstock and Alamy. Shutterstock has a thriving market, while Alamy is a smaller, less competitive option. Alamy is less restrictive and has fewer buyers, but it allows you to upload your photos without worrying about copyright or licensing issues. It also pays photographers well, and the site is constantly updating.

Stock photo sites have dozens of options for selling your photos, and you can even sell your own photos through your own website. However, the easiest way to sell stock photos is to use a microstock website or stock agency. These sites have thousands of customers and can put your images in front of thousands of potential buyers. Furthermore, these agencies will take care of the licensing arrangements with the end users.

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