Early Shingles Symptoms

early shingles symptoms

If you think you might have shingles, you should see a doctor right away. The rash of shingles looks like a cluster of tiny red blisters. The skin beneath may be inflamed or red, too. The rash typically starts on one side of the body and then spreads to other areas. The rash is most often painful and often accompanied by tingling and burning. People with shingles may also experience a general feeling of unwellness.

The risk of developing shingles is higher in people over the age of 50 and those with weakened immune systems. People with stress or chronic medical conditions are also more susceptible to shingles. Although the symptoms may be uncomfortable, most people with shingles will recover within two to four weeks. There are also a number of ways to prevent shingles from recurring.

The most effective treatment for shingles is antiviral medicine. If started within 72 hours of shingles symptoms, the antiviral medicine will reduce pain. It can be taken orally or through a vein. Corticosteroids may also be prescribed to reduce the pain and swelling. However, they are not effective in everyone.

The rash of shingles usually occurs on one side of the body, but can also appear on the face. It usually starts as a small rash, but develops into painful blisters. These blisters may cover large patches of skin. Patients who experience these symptoms should see a doctor immediately.

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