Enlarged Prostate?

Enlarged Prostate Medications

The symptoms of an enlarged prostate can be very uncomfortable and debilitating. There are a number of different medications available to relieve these symptoms. Tamsulosin, for example, belongs to a group of medications called alpha blockers and is used to treat a wide range of symptoms including difficulty urinating, dribbling urine, weak stream, urinary frequency… Continue reading Enlarged Prostate Medications

Foods For Prostate Health

Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables is a great way to promote prostate health. On the other hand, consuming too much saturated fat can increase your chances of developing prostate cancer. A good balance of saturated fat in your diet is still beneficial, though. Fruits and vegetables contain high levels of choline, which may… Continue reading Foods For Prostate Health

Enlarged Prostate Medicines

One of the first things your doctor will do to determine if you have enlarged prostate is to perform a digital rectal exam. This is a simple test that involves sticking your finger into your rectum to feel the prostate gland. During this procedure, your doctor will look for signs of enlargement, as well as… Continue reading Enlarged Prostate Medicines

Best Treatments Prostate

There are many different treatment options for prostate cancer, and choosing the best one for your condition depends on your symptoms and the stage of your disease. However, there are several treatments that are often recommended for a man with this condition. Radiation therapy can be a great option, as it can help destroy cancer… Continue reading Best Treatments Prostate

Prostate Symptoms Treatment

While there is no single treatment for prostate inflammation, there are a number of lifestyle changes that can help with your symptoms. These lifestyle changes include dietary changes. You may also want to see a doctor if you experience frequent urination, burning during urination, and other discomforts. Your doctor will discuss your options for prostate… Continue reading Prostate Symptoms Treatment