How To Strengthen Pelvic Floor

how to strengthen pelvic floor

If you want to prevent pelvic floor pain, learn how to strengthen pelvic floor muscles. These muscles hold the pelvic floor in place and help with passing urine and wind. You can also strengthen these muscles by stretching them when you are lying down or sitting down. When you are standing up, you should keep them relaxed and not tight.

The easiest way to measure the strength of your pelvic floor muscles is by using a lubricant and putting your index finger into your vagina. Then, bend your finger so that the tip is on the vaginal wall. When you squeeze your pelvic floor muscle, you should feel a squeezing and lifting sensation.

The kegel exercise is a popular exercise for strengthening your pelvic floor. You can do it anywhere – even in public, if no one is around to see you! It involves contracting your pelvic floor for three seconds, and relaxing it for three seconds. You should repeat this exercise 10 times. The best way to practice kegels is to do them three to five times a day. You can do them when you’re at the red light, while waiting in line, or during other everyday situations. You can also do them when you’re lying down.

There are a variety of different pelvic floor exercises you can do at home. Performing them three times a day can help you build the strength and tone of your pelvic floor muscles. You can do them on your own or work with a physical therapist. If you’re not sure which exercises to use, you can try biofeedback, which involves inserting a sensor into your vagina. This helps you identify the exact muscles that are being contracted, as well as the strength of each contraction. This is especially beneficial for identifying weaker muscles and gives you an idea of how much progress you’re making.

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