Bladder Control Remedies

bladder control remedies

Herbal bladder control remedies can provide relief for a variety of bladder problems. Some herbs have diuretic properties, while others act as soothing coats on the bladder wall. This helps prevent irritation, which can cause overactive bladders. Some herbs are taken as a tincture, which can be mixed in hot or cold water and taken three times daily.

Beta-3 agonists and antimuscarinics can relax the bladder muscle, reducing the frequency of urination. There are also combination drugs that can provide relief for both overactive bladder and urinary frequency. These drugs are available in a range of strengths and have side effects. It is recommended that you see a physician before taking these medications.

Managing fluid intake can also help reduce leakage. Most people need 64 ounces of fluid each day, but if you’re active or sweating a lot, you may need to drink more. Also, drink small amounts of fluid at regular intervals to keep the bladder from becoming overly full.

One herbal remedy that has been studied extensively is Gosha-jinki-gan, a blend of 10 herbs. It has been shown to reduce urinary frequency and improve the ability to hold urine. It also eases the contractions of the muscles of the bladder.

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