Common Parkinson Symptoms

common parkinson symptoms

The most common Parkinson symptoms include tremor and a lack of movement. Patients may also experience difficulty urinating or drool uncontrollably. Other symptoms may include sudden drops in blood pressure, difficulty walking, and painful spells in specific areas. Many people with the condition also report a decrease in sexual desire.

Many people who have Parkinson’s disease also experience anxiety, which can be a severe side effect. Patients should take their medications according to the prescribed schedule and discuss any side effects with their healthcare providers. It is important to see your healthcare provider regularly, as your doctor will create a schedule of check-ups. The healthcare provider will also help you find the best medication for your specific condition.

Another common Parkinson symptom is difficulty swallowing. People with the disorder often experience difficulty chewing or swallowing food, resulting in drooling and general discomfort. To help with this problem, people can try the chin-tuck technique, which involves taking small sips of liquid and tucking the chin while swallowing. Lemon juice, hard candies, and lemon lollipops can also stimulate the swallowing reflex. Another way to ease swallowing is by cutting foods into small pieces and eating them while sitting upright. Patients should also keep upright for 30 minutes after eating.

Other common Parkinson symptoms include hunched posture and stooped stance. The walking gait may also be affected, resulting in shorter strides and less arm movement. Patients may also experience a reduction in blinking, a sign of weakened facial muscles. In addition, people with Parkinson’s disease may experience impulsive behavior and hallucinations. Fortunately, there are medications to help with these symptoms.

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