Remedy Parkinson Disease

In the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, there’s no proven cure, but there are medications and other treatments available to help people manage the symptoms. Many of them aim to control the pain and slow down the progression of the disease, and some can even improve the patient’s quality of life. There are also many… Continue reading Remedy Parkinson Disease

Parkinson Disease Website

The Science of Parkinson’s website is a resource for those with Parkinson disease, their families, and health professionals. It hosts events such as the 7th annual Parkinson’s Symposium, which will take place on 21st November 2022 from 2pm to 4pm GMT. You can watch this online event live and ask questions to the experts who… Continue reading Parkinson Disease Website

Stages Of Parkinson’s

At the later stages of Parkinson’s, patients will require constant care, including assistance with activities of daily living. Some will be able to walk with help but will likely require a wheelchair. Others may not even be able to stand without assistance. In these cases, living arrangements may need to be changed. Symptoms vary from… Continue reading Stages Of Parkinson’s

Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease In Men

A man who is suffering from Parkinson’s disease is likely to display a stiff, hunched posture. This can be accompanied by a slow walk. Other signs include slower blinking, stiffness, and difficulty communicating. Another early symptom of Parkinson’s disease is a change in voice volume. The person may speak with a higher-than-normal volume or a… Continue reading Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease In Men

Parkinson Disease Stages

There are five stages of Parkinson’s disease, and each stage has specific symptoms. Stage One has mild symptoms, such as tremors and rigidity in one limb. Symptoms may also be noticed in a patient’s face, such as an inability to speak clearly. Symptoms in this stage may not affect a person’s daily activities, though they… Continue reading Parkinson Disease Stages

Common Parkinson Symptoms

The most common Parkinson symptoms include tremor and a lack of movement. Patients may also experience difficulty urinating or drool uncontrollably. Other symptoms may include sudden drops in blood pressure, difficulty walking, and painful spells in specific areas. Many people with the condition also report a decrease in sexual desire. Many people who have Parkinson’s… Continue reading Common Parkinson Symptoms