Is Osteoporosis Painful?

is osteoporosis painful

Osteoporosis is an often-silent killer. It causes bones to become brittle, and this weakened state leads to a fracture, which often occurs in the hip. Studies show that 20 percent of people who suffer from a hip fracture will die within a year. While osteoporosis is not fun to live with, there are steps that you can take to ease your discomfort. One option is to visit a physical therapist. They can design a rehab and rest plan for the affected area.

The first step to treating osteoporosis is to understand the disease and its symptoms. You may also need to consult with a doctor to determine the best treatment for your specific condition. Depending on the stage of the disease, your doctor may prescribe medication to help strengthen your bones. Getting a bone density scan is an excellent way to monitor your progress and make sure you are following your treatment.

Another important step in treating osteoporosis is to prevent fractures. Fractures can cause temporary or chronic pain. Even if osteoporosis isn’t painful, it can be dangerous if it leads to bone loss. Fractures can cause loss of mobility and independence, and you may end up incurring substantial medical bills.

Osteoporosis causes your bones to become brittle, which makes them more susceptible to break. It usually develops over several years, but it is often detected after you have a fracture. While the fractures in your hips are the most common, osteoporosis can also affect bones in your arm and leg. In the worst case scenario, a fractured hip can be very painful and even require surgery.

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