Complete Keto Diet Food List

complete keto diet food list

Keto is a diet based on low-carbohydrate and high-fat foods. These include fatty fish, most meats, eggs, cheese, heavy cream, nuts, seeds, and avocado oil. This diet also limits processed foods with high amounts of sugar or trans fats. However, it is important to follow the ketogenic diet’s specific guidelines for foods to eat and avoid.

This diet helps you lower your blood glucose and burn fats. You’ll also experience more stable blood glucose levels as your body switches from a sugar burner to a fat-burning one. As long as you stay within your daily macros, you’ll have no problem sticking to your diet.

While dairy products are not prohibited entirely from the keto diet, they should be consumed in moderation. Dairy products are high in calories and carbs, and some people are sensitive to them. In addition, some people may plateau if they eat too much dairy. Other foods that should be limited include beef, pork, and poultry. Beef includes steak and brisket, pork includes chops, loin, and ground pork. Poultry includes quail, drumsticks, and ground chicken. Other meats like veal and lamb may be consumed, but should not be consumed in large quantities.

As with any diet, a ketogenic diet must be customized to your own health and lifestyle. However, the food list on this website is a guide for those starting a ketogenic diet. The foods listed are recommended for most people, but you must customize your list to suit your personal diet and goals.

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