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What’s Good Blood Pressure?

whats good blood pressure

Many people don’t pay much attention to what’s good blood pressure and bad blood pressure. It’s true that the two go hand in hand. This is because hypertension can lead to many other problems, and sometimes it even affects our overall health. But when you know what’s good, you’ll be more aware of what’s bad for your body. And when you know how to distinguish what’s good from what’s bad, you can use this knowledge to help make changes to your lifestyle.

The good news is that hypertension isn’t anything to worry about. You don’t have to go into major surgery or spend a lot of money on high blood pressure medications. If you have already suffered with it, you likely already know this. But it’s important to know this so that you can use what you already know to improve your life. And the good news is that you don’t need to go through a whole lot of suffering or take a bunch of medicine to get your blood pressure back into normal range. You just need to make some changes in your life.

For one thing, lose some weight. We all know that extra weight tends to make us feel fatter and can lead to many health problems. It’s particularly important to do this if you’re dealing with high blood pressure. Extra weight makes the arteries of the heart heavier and they can eventually cause problems with their tightness. In time, the heart has to work harder, which can lead to high blood pressure. So lose some weight!

Eat healthy foods. There are two kinds of nutrients that your body needs: those it needs to survive, and those it needs to make use of as it grows and creates new cells. Most people eat too much fast food and processed foods, which are full of empty calories that your body can’t use. Instead, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Foods that are high in antioxidants and good fats are also very beneficial.

Exercise is great for improving your mood and helping you get in shape. If you have high blood pressure, exercising regularly can help lower it. Just doing some brisk walking once or twice a week can help.

Avoid salt. Salt is salt, plain and simple. It will increase your blood pressure. Try to avoid eating foods that are packed with salt, including seafood, canned goods, pickled food, and sports drinks. Instead, try to get your sodium from other sources, such as fruits and vegetables, poultry, nuts, and beans.

Get more sleep. Your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep to properly function. If you don’t get enough sleep, your blood pressure may not return to normal. So make sure you get plenty of rest during the day.

These tips aren’t a cure-all. But they’re a starting point. If you add in a healthy lifestyle and monitor your blood pressure periodically, you will be able to see if you need to make any changes in your lifestyle. By making some healthy lifestyle changes, you can start reversing hypertension and improve your quality of life.

A healthy lifestyle includes regular exercise, eating right, getting the proper vitamins, and quitting smoking. Blood pressure medications may be prescribed by your doctor to treat your high blood pressure, but sometimes they don’t work as well for everyone. Besides the lifestyle tips above, there are many other things that can help you lower your blood pressure without taking medication. These healthy habits can also help in the long run, even if they’re not immediately noticeable.

The next time you feel hypertension symptoms set in, don’t ignore them. The sooner you deal with them, the better. Make an appointment with your doctor and follow the suggested treatment plan. If you don’t take action, you’ll only aggravate your condition. Remember what’s good blood pressure.

In addition to dealing with hypertension, many people are at risk for diabetes, stroke, or other heart problems. If you have one of these conditions, you will need to take more drastic measures to control it. Don’t wait until you have reached a certain point where you can’t do anything about it. Today’s lifestyle and medications are designed to shorten the time between occurrences of these conditions, making you more susceptible to developing them later on in life.

Your doctor can give you some advice about what’s good blood pressure, but you’ll have to decide for yourself whether or not it’s something you can live with. Chances are, you’ll find that when you make your lifestyle changes, they’re more than worth the sacrifices. You’ll be much healthier, happier, and live longer. There are no excuses not to start! Start controlling your health today.

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