What Food Causes High Blood Pressure?

The most common question asked by people suffering from hypertension is what food causes high blood pressure. While the answer varies from person to person, there are some foods that seem to cause a higher risk of having hypertension. There are many possible reasons why this occurs and understanding what each of them is can help you find a way to lower your risk. If you know what your particular reason for high blood pressure is you can take steps to avoid it in the future.

what food causes high blood pressure

Many people know that a lot of meat is bad for their health. These items contain high amounts of fat and cholesterol and are difficult for people to digest. This means that they are often only eaten on special occasions or during times of celebration. In addition to what food causes high blood pressure, this may also be because these foods are difficult to tolerate. If you cannot tolerate certain foods, it is important to eliminate them from your diet and try other healthier options.

Many people may not realize that what food causes high blood pressure is also a big cause of it. Spicy dishes can have negative affects on the cardiovascular system. These dishes are usually high in sodium, which causes the body to hold onto extra water to make sure it meets the electrolyte requirements. When extra water is held in the body, it can cause fluid retention, which can cause weight gain, bloating and constipation. The excess water in the body causes the heart to pump harder and can cause high blood pressure.

Alcohol is another culprit when it comes to what food causes high blood pressure. People who are alcoholics have been shown to have an increased risk of hypertension. This is because alcohol has diuretic properties that increase the amount of fluid in the body. If you are drinking alcoholic beverages on a regular basis, it is a good idea to eliminate alcohol from your diet altogether.

Junk foods and sweets are another area where people get themselves into trouble when it comes to high blood pressure. Many people who are addicted to candies and snacks make the mistake of having several indulgences a day. Unfortunately, this can be a mistake as indulging yourself too often has been shown to result in weight gain, dehydration and other health complications. Instead of eating candies, snack on nuts, seeds, granola bars, raw nuts, dried fruits or raw chocolate. You can also replace your sugar with organic maple syrup, which will help cut down on your overall sugar consumption.

So sugar intake should be controlled when it comes to what food causes high blood pressure. Eating products with artificial sweeteners, aspartame, as well as high fructose corn syrup has been shown to increase blood pressure levels. Instead, opt for products that contain natural sugar such as honey, cinnamon and fruits with natural sugars like blueberries, strawberries and bananas. These natural sugars do not cause an increase in blood pressure.

Finally, one area that many people do not think of when it comes to what food causes high blood pressure is food that is fried, grilled or broiled. These types of foods tend to retain moisture, which increases the risk of water retention. When water retention occurs, there is increased pressure in the arteries and heart. Therefore, by avoiding items such as fried foods and grilled items you can greatly reduce the chance of developing high blood pressure. In addition, by substituting olive oil for butter, you can greatly reduce your high blood pressure potential.