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What Causes High Diastolic BP?

High BP is a serious medical condition that if left untreated can cause a heart attack. It is known to be a genetic disorder that occurs in one of every four hereditary males worldwide. There has been some evidence linking these statistics to the increased longevity of the present generation, but scientists are not sure what causes it. Many believe that it is due to the body’s failure to properly use glucose, also known as sugars.

what causes high diastolic bp

When you have a high diastolic blood pressure you will have your blood pressure levels checked more often than your normal daily blood sugar level. During your checkup your doctor will check your triglycerides, the amount of fats that you have in your blood, and your cholesterol. They will also check for any problems with your kidney function, and your thyroid. Your doctor will also ask about your recent stress, medications, or eating habits.

A higher than normal BP can lead to a variety of serious health issues, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, kidney failure, heart attack, or other heart problems. If you have a history of high BP or abnormal levels of BP in your family, it is recommended that you visit your physician to discuss your health. He can then test you to see if you are a candidate for lowering your BP levels, or to find out what might be causing your BP to be out of control. If you are at risk for high BP, you should try to lower your levels as soon as possible.

If you are wondering what causes blood sugar levels to rise, the answer is simple. You may have a diet that is high in simple carbohydrates, or you may even be consuming a large amount of refined sugars. Excess amounts of both refined and simple carbohydrates cause your body to release more insulin, which causes your blood sugar levels to rise.

Another important factor is when you consume your food. Many diabetics suffer from what is called insulin shock, where their blood sugar levels are out of control because they eat very little carbohydrate. When you do not eat enough carbohydrate for a while, your body starts to store some sugar. As long as the sugar stays in your body, your blood sugar levels can remain high. If you get this type of “sugar shock” and have low blood sugar, your body goes into reverse, and it is necessary that you eat more and exercise more to return to a normal range of blood sugar levels.

So, now that you know what causes your blood sugar levels to go high, what can you do to prevent this from happening? If you are someone who does not have chronic diabetics, the most important thing you can do to keep your blood glucose levels normal is to exercise regularly. Exercise stimulates your muscles and increases your metabolism. When your metabolism is working at top speed, you burn more calories. As long as you continue to get regular physical activity, you should be able to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

If you are already suffering from high diastolic BP, the only true way to correct the problem is to make changes in your diet and lifestyle. In particular, avoid foods and beverages such as sugar, alcohol, white bread, and soft drinks. As much as possible, try to eat foods that are high in protein. Protein helps your body to produce energy and it also helps your muscles to become stronger. It is good to think about what you might need to increase your daily intake of protein, so that you can help yourself get through your period of high stress, without it affecting your health in a negative way.

As a final note, if you are wondering what causes high diastolic blood pressure, you should also stay away from stress! Stress affects your brain and its functions, and this in turn can have a direct impact on your health. You may not even realize it, but you are spending a third of your life worrying about whether or not you’re going to lose or gain weight, for instance. By exercising or getting out and having some fun, you can actually lower your stress level. By doing this, you give your body a break from constant worry and tension. As a result, your blood glucose levels will return to normal more quickly.

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