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Vitamins That Cause High Blood Pressure

vitamins that cause high blood pressure

One of the newest studies suggests that vitamin D can lower blood pressure. Researchers suggest that taking this vitamin will help prevent cardiovascular disease and heart attacks.

However, they caution that it is not a cure for high blood pressure. The results of this study are only preliminary. Other factors may be at play, including aging, smoking, and obesity. Nevertheless, this study shows that high levels of vitamin D are associated with a lower risk of hypertension.

The researchers conducted a systematic review of the available research on vitamins and high blood pressure. The results of the study included a meta-analysis of 27 RCTs and 11 cohort studies. The analyses were performed with the use of SAS statistical software.

They found that the intake of vitamin D and calcium did not significantly lower blood pressure in people with low calcium levels. This study suggests that the effects of vitamin D on blood pressure are unlikely to be widespread.

The results were based on a large number of studies, including RCTs and cohort studies. The authors considered the results of RCTs as the gold standard for nutritional research. The randomized controlled trials compared vitamin D and calcium intake with placebo.

The results showed that a placebo is not an effective treatment for high blood pressure, as you might expect. This study also found that the effects of vitamin D on blood pressure are minimal.

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