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Treatment For High Blood Pressure

treatment for high blood pressure

If you’re looking for treatment for high blood pressure, you have several options. In medicine there are a number of classifications of drugs used to treat high blood pressure. These include beta-blockers (BB), diuretics (D), and antihypertensive medicines (A).

Some African-American patients choose to take diuretics, an ingredient found in many over-the-counter medications that can be dangerous for them. BB is a medication that reduces urine output, lowers the amount of fluid in the tissues, and causes urine to be concentrated at a higher concentration level, resulting in a decreased volume. This results in the removal of salt from the system and a lowering of electrolyte levels. BB is sometimes combined with calcium channel blockers (CCB) to help prevent a possible heart attack. However, studies show that CCB may increase the chance of stroke for black men who are at risk of cardiovascular disease.

African-Americans with a family history of kidney disease have an increased risk of hypertension, even if they do not suffer from family dysfunctions. Family dysfunction means a member of the family has a diminished kidney function, or is unable to eliminate waste products from the body on his own. Treatment for high blood pressure in this situation should include treatment for kidney disease.

Another example of a treatment for high blood pressure that can lead to racial health disparities is the use of beta-blocker medicines like Bupropion and Propranolol. These two medications act on the coronary arteries to lower blood flow. Unfortunately, the cardiovascular effects are only temporary, resulting from the reduction of heart contractility. Once these medicines are discontinued, heart failure develops and a heart attack occurs. Studies reveal that patients with chronic heart failure are at greater risk for death.

The first National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney (NIDDK) study to examine the relationship between NIDDK-recognized risk factors and hypertension was performed using a sample of Canadian residents. Researchers determined that women with hypertension were at a higher risk than those with no hypertension. They also found that these women had more congestive heart failure, had shorter telomeres, and had reduced circulating inflammatory cytokines. For their study, researchers excluded women with documented coronary heart disease, diabetes, or kidney disease. Although the number of subjects was small, this study provided important insights into the relationship between hypertension and these common life-related problems.

Other medical conditions that have been associated with hypertension include diabetes, HIV, and kidney disease. Among people who are diagnosed with high blood pressure, people who have obesity, smoking, and diabetes have the greatest increased risk for heart problems. Obesity is a major problem in the United States, and many people are overweight. Cigarette smoking is also closely associated with medical conditions including heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer. People who smoke frequently and consume large amounts of alcohol also have increased risks for developing chronic kidney disease, which can lead to kidney failure.

Aside from lifestyle changes and medications, another treatment for high blood pressure may help to reduce or eliminate your risk for disease. Some evidence suggests that Lutein may help lower your chances for these diseases. This substance is found in the retina of the eye and helps the eyes to see well. Lutein has been shown to delay the progression of age-related macular degeneration and stimulate growth in new blood vessels in the visual system. If you are interested in taking Lutein, you should speak to your family doctor or an eye care professional at your local clinic. There are some Lutein supplements on the market that may help you.

If you are considering taking a treatment for high blood pressure or other illness, talk to your doctor about possible interactions with medicines that you are taking. Your doctor may prescribe one drug or a combination of drugs to lower your blood pressure. It is important to know what side effects you could have from these medicines. You should also be aware of possible adverse side effects from taking Lutein.

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