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Top 5 Blood Pressure Medications

If you suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, one of the top 5 blood pressure medications for you is Aceon. ACE inhibitors are the drug of choice for people who have to deal with persistent coughs that can make it hard to breathe at times. If your cough is caused by bronchitis or emphysema, on the other hand, the medication will not do much good. If your cough is caused by genetics, or if you’re simply prone to getting colds and coughs, nothing will help.

For sufferers of the most common type of COPD, the top 5 blood pressure medications include Adderall and Motrin. If you take a regular dose of Motrin for your chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, your cough should subside within three months. If you’ve been taking these medications for more than three months, however, the outlook is less positive. You may need to move on to a more aggressive course of treatment.

The other drugs in the top 5 blood pressure medications are all anti-angiotensin II receptor blockers. They include such well-known brands as Alli, Claritin, and Prevacid. Keep in mind that there is a lot of discussion about which of these anti-angiotensin II receptor blockers is the best, and that debate continues. In any event, keep in mind that each of these medications has different purposes, and that you should discuss which ones you’re using to make sure you get the best overall effect.

When it comes to the second category of drugs, one of the top 5 blood pressure medications is Tagamet. This popular brand is commonly used to treat patients who have severe persistent shoulder, neck, or head pain (which often accompanies high blood pressure) and to help prevent strokes. It’s been shown to be fairly effective in reducing cough frequency, as well. Two other drugs from this group, Netilco and Lofexid, are also known for helping to prevent stroke. These two drugs, in addition to Tagamet, can be used to treat acute or chronic coughs as well. If you think you’re suffering from a severe acute or chronic cough that does not improve with OTC treatments, you should see your doctor and discuss potential medication options.

One of the top medications from the third category, Arbutin, is an inhibitor of histamine. This group of medications also includes such well known brands as Alli, Claritin, and Tagamet. While the main function of these medications is to inhibit histamine, some have been found to actually increase the strength and duration of your cough. If you take too much of these medications for an extended period of time, you can run the risk of serious side effects.

Some of the most commonly prescribed medications in this class are ACE inhibitors. ACE inhibitors effectively lower high blood pressure by preventing chemicals in the blood called Angiotensin II from binding with the muscle protein Angiotensin. These chemicals, when in the muscle tissue, actually constrict the arteries, which increases the “oxygenated” blood flow rate and helps reduce “dry cough.” Most people get this type of dry cough from taking beta blockers (blood pressure medication), aspirin, and other types of anti-hypertensive medications. If you regularly take these medications, your physician may suggest that you start taking one of these ACE inhibitors.

The fourth group of ACE inhibitors, LAIP alternatives, block the action of Angiotensin II by binding it to its receptor. Two of the most frequently prescribed LAIP alternatives are doxycycline and netilmik. Although both of these drugs do have their own health benefits, patients taking them also report less severity and frequency of their dry cough and headache. It is recommended that you check with your doctor before taking any of these LAIP alternatives.

The final group of commonly prescribed medications for high blood pressure include the potent beta-blocking agents. The most commonly prescribed of these beta-blockers is diuretics such as furosemide and bumetanide. Although these medications help prevent fluid retention, they can also cause undesirable side effects, including loss of sexual urges and ability to achieve orgasm. For this reason, it is often preferable to use these medications along with another regimen, such as an antihypertensive or other heart-healthy regimen. While there are many different types of high blood pressure medications, these are the most commonly prescribed and the safest blood pressure medication options.

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