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Potassium To Lower Blood Pressure

potassium to lower blood pressure

One of the latest international projects to examine the use of potassium to lower blood pressure is led by David Ellison, MD, one of six collaborating researchers. Funded by a six-year, $6 million grant from Fondation Leducq, the study aims to find out if potassium is effective in treating high blood pressure. In addition to its many potential health benefits, potassium may also help lower blood pressure and improve heart health.

Despite its use in medicine, this substance was used by Esdro and other pioneers as a substitute for other prescriptions. However, some researchers believe that potassium has little to do with lowering blood pressure. Despite the fact that many studies have proven its effectiveness, there are still many questions associated with its use in the treatment of hypertension.

While potassium is naturally found in foods, supplements contain a high amount of the mineral in a food. Potassium should be consumed in combination with magnesium to improve blood pressure control. According to the American Heart Association, adults should consume 4,700 milligrams of potassium per day. Aiming to get a recommended intake of potassium each day will reduce your blood pressure by about 15 per cent.

People with kidney conditions should consult a healthcare provider before taking potassium supplements.

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