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Potassium Reduce Blood Pressure

People of all ages are looking for ways to lower their blood pressure, and many of them are looking at foods that are high in potassium. In reality, there are numerous foods that are high in potassium that can help your heart and improve other systems in your body.

This mineral helps move sodium out of your cells, which is necessary for cellular function and energy production. But what is potassium and how does it reduce blood pressure? Let’s explore these questions and find out.

potassium reduce blood pressure

One of the most promising studies on potassium and blood pressure found that an increased intake of K+ significantly reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

It was also found that the reduction in urinary Na+/K + ratio was not related to a reduction in systolic blood pressure. This suggests that an increase in the intake of potassium is not necessarily the key to lowering your blood pressure.

Another study, called the PURE trial, found that potassium may reduce blood pressure. In a meta-analysis, researchers assessed the association between urinary potassium excretion and diastolic blood pressure.

While the findings are not conclusive, they are highly relevant from a population perspective. The authors of this study claim that their work is not biased by any commercial interest and are confident that their findings are unbiased.

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