Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

How To Lower The Bottom Number On Blood Pressure

Learning how to lower the bottom number on blood pressure has been one of the most common concerns and challenges faced by people suffering from hypertension. Improper control of diet and exercise, smoking and excessive intake of alcoholic beverages are some of the factors that contribute to increasing the numbers. But learning how to lower… Continue reading How To Lower The Bottom Number On Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Causes

High blood pressure causes are a major problem for many people. There are a variety of different reasons why hypertension occurs. However, the primary cause is usually related to the buildup of fatty deposits throughout the arteries. These deposits in the arteries lead to increased pressure, which eventually can lead to a heart attack or… Continue reading High Blood Pressure Causes

What Causes High Diastolic BP?

High BP is a serious medical condition that if left untreated can cause a heart attack. It is known to be a genetic disorder that occurs in one of every four hereditary males worldwide. There has been some evidence linking these statistics to the increased longevity of the present generation, but scientists are not sure… Continue reading What Causes High Diastolic BP?

Blood Pressure Chart By Age

For people who are planning to get their BP checked, they can make use of a blood pressure chart by age. This is very important as it helps them keep track of their blood pressure over a period of time. Usually, there are some guidelines that should be followed by every person, such as taking… Continue reading Blood Pressure Chart By Age

What Causes Blood Pressure?

Blood pressure is defined as how fast your blood is flowing through your arteries. If your blood is flowing faster through your arteries than they should be at that given rate, it is considered hypertension. Hypertension is considered very common and can affect a person of any age, race, or gender at any time. It… Continue reading What Causes Blood Pressure?