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Nerve Disorders That Cause High Blood Pressure

nerve disorders that cause high blood pressure

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact nerve disorders that cause high blood pressure, some studies suggest a connection. One study found that patients with trigeminal neuralgia were 50% more likely to suffer from the disorder than those with normal blood pressure. This finding is based on data from a National Health Insurance claims database, covering almost every case in Taiwan. Earlier research has been contradictory, and more studies are needed before an appropriate diagnosis can be made.

Many types of neuropathies can improve over time. Nerve conduction velocity tests and nerve biopsy can help identify the type and extent of damage. Angiography, which uses contrast dye to create pictures of the heart and blood vessels, may also help diagnose a problem. Some types of neuropathy cannot be cured, but treatment can alleviate symptoms. In severe cases, surgery may be an option. Depending on the type of neuropathy, surgery may be necessary.

Damage to the nerves that control blood pressure is one cause. Radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy can damage the blood pressure-sensing nerves in the neck. Other causes of nerve damage include hereditary conditions. Hereditary disorders affecting the autonomic nervous system, such as familial dysautonomia, can damage the blood pressure sensing nerves in the neck. People with familial dysautonomia may exhibit abnormally high blood pressure and a decrease in their sensitivity to temperature or pain. They may also lack tears when they cry.

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