Natural High Blood Pressure Remedies

natural high blood pressure remedies

Through the study of Ayurveda, various natural high blood pressure remedies have come to light that will aid in lowering your risks of developing life-threatening conditions. The following natural remedies have been known to be very effective in fighting hypertension. To ensure you choose the most appropriate natural remedy for high blood pressure, check out the following list of natural remedies shared below.

One of the natural high blood pressure remedies you should consider taking is dandelion root, which is used as a diuretic. You can purchase dandelion root in its purest form or with other herbal ingredients, including additional diuretic properties.

Another of the natural high blood pressure remedies you should consider taking is L-Arginine, which lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol in your system and raises the level of good cholesterol. This medication can be taken in two different ways. You can take it orally or combine it with some other herbs to help control your blood pressure. Your doctor will likely recommend that you combine the herbs with a controlled diet regimen to achieve the best results. This type of therapy is more complicated than other forms of prescription medication and should only be done under the supervision of your physician.

Garlic is another herb you might want to consider when looking for natural high blood pressure remedies. In addition to being a diuretic, garlic helps reduce cholesterol levels and boosts the function of the liver. It can also help reduce your appetite, which is often a factor in weight gain. Studies have shown that consuming five to six small raw garlic slices per day can help reduce hypertension.

The herb ginger root has long been used as one of the natural high blood pressure remedies available. The compounds that are found in ginger have been shown to reduce blood pressure and reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke. They have even been found to prevent the onset of heart disease.

Black cohosh is another herb that is often recommended when treating health issues, including those related to hypertension. Like all diuretics, black cohosh causes a drop in potassium levels in the body. However, it does not cause significant side effects like some other prescription medications. For this reason, many people choose to use it in conjunction with other prescription medications.

Besides helping to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure levels, there are many other herbs that have been proven to improve cardiovascular health. Hawthorn berry, for example, helps prevent atherosclerosis and has been shown to reduce the buildup of cholesterol in arteries. Echinacea has been used for centuries to treat a variety of health issues, including malaria and even cholera. Garlic’s properties are known to be powerful against bacteria and viruses, as well as helping to improve blood circulation and stimulate natural immunity.

Natural high blood pressure medication is usually just as effective as prescribed medication, if not more so. However, it should be made clear that while these herbs can work very well on their own, they are not meant to replace other forms of medication. Before starting a home remedy treatment plan, you should speak to your doctor and your pharmacist to make sure that your particular condition is treated safely and will not result in negative side effects. In the end, your health is far too important to gamble with it.