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Isolated Systolic Hypertension

Isolated systolic hypertension is a major risk factor for stroke and myocardial infarction, and it is an underutilized source for cardiovascular prevention. It is a disease of the elderly, which occurs when the pressure in the arteries is significantly higher than the blood pressure in the diastole. This may result in precipitous drops in DBP, which may increase the risk for cardiovascular disease.

isolated systolic hypertension

In the elderly, the prevalence of isolated systolic hypertension is very high. The risk for cardiovascular mortality is significantly increased compared to patients with chronic high blood pressure. In a study by the Chicago Heart Association Detection Project in Industry, patients with isolated systolic hypertension were found to have a significantly higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease than those without this condition. The results of this study suggest that office pulse pressure is an excellent predictor of a favorable outcome in young hypertensives.

Several research studies have shown that patients with isolated systolic hypertension have a significantly higher risk of cardiovascular death than those with normal blood pressure. However, people with the condition should seek medical care immediately if they notice any irregular blood pressure patterns. This will enable healthcare providers to perform the necessary tests to rule out underlying problems. It is important to note that people with isolated systolic hypertrophy should see their healthcare providers as soon as possible if symptoms persist.

While determining the causes of this condition can be difficult, many studies show that young adults with isolated systolic hypertension have an elevated risk of cardiovascular death. As such, these patients should be monitored closely with antihypertensive medications. While it is important to follow the guidelines and recommendations of your doctor, you should not delay in seeking medical treatment for isolated systolic hypertension.

The incidence of cardiovascular death among young adults with isolated systolic hypertension is much higher than that of healthy adults with healthy blood pressure. In fact, the risk of mortality from isolated systolic hypertension increases as the patient’s age and height increases. The best way to treat this condition is with antihypertensive medications and increasing the patient’s height. If the patient is younger than 50, then the physician should monitor the blood pressure every two hours.

It is important to know that isolated systolic hypertension is a condition that is typically found in adults over the age of 65. Often, it is associated with obesity, smoking, and other risk factors such as age, but it is not the same as standard high blood pressure. It is a condition that should be treated as soon as possible.

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