Hypertension Warning Signs

For many years, hypertension has been called the silent killer. It affects millions of men, women and children in the United States alone and is considered a much greater health risk than heart disease or cancer. Unfortunately, many people live with this chronic condition for years before they discover the full extent of its effects. High blood pressure may be the result of myriad factors including: hereditary, unhealthy lifestyle, pregnancy, menopause, high stress levels, aging, or existing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity. While most of us know someone who has it, hypertension is often much more difficult to detect until it has reached a dangerous level.

hypertension warning signs

As you may have guessed, hypertension is also a prime suspect in the formation of many of the more dangerous cardiovascular diseases. Following are some of the most common hypertension warning signs. High blood pressure is the leading cause of damage to the heart, stroke and kidney diseases. If you experience chest pain on a regular basis, you should contact your doctor immediately to discuss the possibility that your blood vessels may be having an increase in strain.

Hypertension can also cause fatigue, blurred vision, anxiety and depression. Many people find themselves unable to get a full night’s rest as a result of constant symptoms of hypertension. Unfortunately, for these individuals, the only way to really alleviate the problem is to undergo testing for the condition and see if it is indeed high blood pressure.

Another one of the many hypertension warning signs is the buildup of excessive amounts of fat on the body. The buildup of fat in the arteries causes the pressure of the blood to rise, which can lead to coronary artery disease, heart attack or stroke. Fat helps regulate blood pressure, so losing a few pounds can really help lower your numbers. Losing even ten pounds can help you do this and is one of the most important things you can do today to reverse hypertension.

Extremely severe hypertension warning signs include problems with urination or blood flow. This can be one of the biggest problems for someone who experiences these symptoms on a consistent basis. For those who experience severe hypertension, there are other less intense symptoms that they experience such as dizziness, nausea and lightheadedness. However, the most extreme symptoms of high blood pressure require the services of a medical professional immediately.

If you feel that you experience any of the above symptoms on a daily basis and you suspect that they may be related to high blood pressure, you should definitely start looking for solutions. One of the first things that you should do is to make an appointment with a doctor. Once you visit the doctor, he will take a couple of tests to get more information. The results of these tests will help the doctor to determine whether or not you are experiencing high blood pressure symptoms, and if so, how serious they are. A proper diagnosis is very important and will help you get the treatment that you need.

If you have a positive result from your doctor’s test, then you have officially been diagnosed with hypertension. The next step you want to take is to start implementing a program to lower your blood pressure. Many people choose to take medication, but you should absolutely avoid prescription drugs until you consult with a doctor and make sure that they aren’t going to affect your health in a negative way. There are many different natural remedies you can use that will help you quit smoking, lose weight and get rid of some of the other symptoms you may be experiencing.

In addition to the normal dangers of high blood pressure, it is also known to cause serious health complications such as heart attacks and strokes. Those who have been diagnosed with the disease have a greater chance of having one of these complications than those who have not. The best way to prevent these complications from occurring is to quit smoking and start living a healthy lifestyle. There are many different natural supplements that you can take that will greatly reduce your risk of heart attacks or strokes. You owe it to yourself to find out more about them and put them to use today.