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How Does Beetroot Lower Blood Pressure?

how does beetroot lower blood pressure

If you are looking for a natural treatment for hypertension, beetroot juice might be the answer. It has been shown to reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension who are not on medication. Its health benefits make it a tempting alternative to medications. The trial was small, and the results were published in a medical journal.

The Journal of Hypertension published a study that proved that consuming beetroot juice daily helped lower the blood pressure of people with high blood pressure. The researchers found that the juice reduced the blood pressure of hypertension patients by about ten millimeters of mercury after three to six hours. The results were still discernible a day after drinking the juice. The nitrate found in beetroot juice is believed to be responsible for the effect. Nitrates are present in leafy green vegetables that widen the blood vessels.

In another study, researchers found that beetroot juice reduced BP in healthy individuals without increasing the risk of hypertension. Researchers also found that consuming beetroot juice for five days reduced blood pressure by nearly four points after two hours. The results were similar in both studies, though the latter had more participants who were hypertensive than the former. The free-living nature of the volunteers also may have contributed to the generalizability of the findings.

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