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High Diastolic Blood Pressure Treatment

high diastolic blood pressure treatment

Diastolic blood pressure is often less important than systolic blood pressure, but it is nonetheless an indicator of health problems. In people under forty, it gives a better idea of risk of heart attack and stroke. When this number is high, however, the risk increases significantly. A blood pressure reading of 180/120 mmHg, for example, puts you at greater risk of a heart attack and stroke.

The cause of IDH isn’t fully understood, but certain lifestyle factors, including alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity, and high blood fat, can increase the risk of the condition. In addition, certain groups of people are more at risk than others, such as younger males, diabetes patients, and people who have had previous cardiovascular events. Because of this, physicians may not recommend treatment to younger people with high diastolic blood pressure unless they have already suffered a heart attack or stroke. However, in older people, a doctor may recommend treatment based on the person’s overall heart health.

If you have isolated systolic hypertension, you may need more intensive treatment. Your healthcare provider will likely prescribe a blood pressure medication. Your doctor may prescribe lifestyle changes to help lower your systolic pressure. In the long run, treatment for this condition will decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke. But if you’re older, your doctor may recommend lifestyle changes in order to reduce the risk of a heart attack.

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