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High Blood Pressure Medication

high blood pressure medication

If you are on high blood pressure medication, your doctor may prescribe a different dose each day. The right dose depends on your condition and your doctor will review your treatment plans with you to ensure you are getting the best result. It’s also important to know that different medicines may interact with one another. So, be sure to discuss all your medications with your physician, including any other treatments you’re taking. If you’re taking more than one type of medicine, you should talk to your provider about the possibility of generics or assistance programs.

Your healthcare provider will recommend the best high blood pressure medication for you. You can learn about the various treatment options for your condition by talking to your doctor or healthcare provider. There is also a list of general information about blood pressure medication. Keep in mind that high BP is a silent killer because you might not notice any symptoms at first. If left untreated, it can cause a variety of health problems and lead to death. Before deciding on any therapy, it is best to talk to your health care provider about your condition and your goals.

If you’re a man who’s trying to prevent your high blood pressure from worsening, your doctor might suggest a calcium channel blocker. Calcium channel blockers work by blocking calcium from entering the muscle cells in your heart and arteries. You can take calcium channel blockers such as amlodipine, nifedipine, and diltiazem. Another class of medicines for high blood pressure is diuretics. These drugs reduce fluid and sodium in the body. Some of them are prescribed in combination with other high blood pressure medicines.

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