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High Blood Pressure Is Caused By…?

Many people assume that the symptoms of high blood pressure are obvious. However, this is not necessarily the case. This disease often develops gradually, after years of poor control. Sometimes, people only realize that they have high blood pressure after they experience chest pain or stroke-like symptoms. In these cases, it is important to contact emergency services right away. To determine whether you have high BP, read on to learn about some of the most common causes of high blood pressure.

high blood pressure is caused by

One of the major causes of high blood pressure is the tightening of the arterioles in the heart. The arterioles are small tubes that regulate blood flow throughout the body. When the arterioles are tight, the heart has to work harder to pump blood through them. If the arteries become hard, a clot can form in them, causing a heart attack. If you are not aware that you have high blood pressure, it is important to seek medical attention.

If lifestyle changes are not enough, medication is available. Different types of medicines work differently, reducing high blood pressure by relaxing the blood vessels and removing excess salt and water. In some cases, doctors prescribe a combination of medications to help patients achieve their goals. In other cases, a diet rich in salt is an effective treatment. If a patient’s high blood pressure is chronic and uncontrollable, prescription drugs may be necessary.

Breathing Exercises To Lower Blood Pressure

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