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High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) Causes

high blood pressure hypertension causes

There are several causes of high blood pressure. It can affect people of all ages, and many symptoms do not occur immediately. However, the early symptoms of hypertension, such as chest pain, are warning signs. The symptoms can be progressive and can damage your organs and blood vessels. In pregnancy, high blood pressure can be a warning sign of pre-eclampsia. It may also be associated with protein in the urine. After years of poorly controlled blood pressure, a number of symptoms will begin to appear. For many people, symptoms of hypertension may only appear gradually after years of a history of uncontrolled blood pressure. If you notice any of these symptoms, call 911 or visit your doctor immediately.

Other causes of high blood pressure include age, weight, and gender. As you grow older, your blood vessels become less elastic. This is why men are more likely to develop hypertension than women until they reach the age of 64. Having a family history of hypertension can increase your risk of developing the disease. People of African descent are at a much higher risk than Caucasians, and can develop more serious complications as a result.

The underlying causes of high blood pressure are different for everyone. In general, it is caused by narrow, stiff, or clogged arteries. Approximately 90% of people with hypertension do not seek medical attention until it is severe. Most doctors are unable to pinpoint the exact cause of the condition, and most suspect that a number of other problems are involved. However, it is important to consult a medical professional if you suspect that you have high blood pressure, as a treatment of hypertension can prevent major complications such as a stroke and brain hemorrhage.

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