Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Herbs To Lower Blood Pressure

Herbs to lower blood pressure are increasingly popular on the herbal supplement market. It is said that there are many herbs out there that can lower your high blood pressure quickly and safely. The use of special herbs and foods for this purpose has been long known and used as traditional hydrators. The advantages of using herbs to lower blood pressure are manifold. First, they are not habit-forming and have no undesirable side effects.

herbs to lower blood pressure

One herbal supplement brings together herbs from around the world and blends them into a special formulation to help your body cure its different health problems. These can be used in conjunction with conventional medicines or in their totally natural form. Many herbs to lower blood pressure have been found useful in studies to cure hypertension. Some examples are hyoscyamus which helps prevent heart diseases and other cardiovascular disorders. It also helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood and thus lowers your blood pressure too. Syphilin is another example and this herb can help reduce your high blood pressure too.

Arsen iod and aspalathin are two herbs that are commonly consumed in tablet form. They have diuretic properties and they are good antioxidants too. They reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood and they are heart-protective. They are usually consumed in capsule form along with other medicinal herbs. Lachesis and diopteris are both excellent herbs to lower blood pressure as they act as a vasodilator.

Ginger root, turmeric and cloves are also widely used herbs to prevent hypertension. They have strong anticoagulant and diuretic properties that help to relieve pain and prevent further complications. They are usually consumed in powder or in a tea form. Ginger and turmeric are often recommended for pregnant women and for people who have a weak immune system.

Lavender is one of the most popular herbs used for treating hypertension. It has strong anti inflammatory properties and it is used to prevent inflammation of the blood vessels. It is commonly used in tablet or capsule form. In addition to this it has diuretic properties and stimulates the flow of urine which flushes out toxins from the body. A cup of lavender tea a day can reduce your blood pressure drastically.

Sweet basil is a popular herb that is consumed to relieve cough, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, flu and many other health related problems. It is one of the most commonly used herbs to treat asthma as it relieves cough. However, you should not consume sweet basil in large quantities as it can cause diarrhea. Sweet basil is also widely used in the treatment of migraine as it relives the pain and decreases the frequency of headache attacks.

While there are many other herbs that are effective in reducing blood pressure like primrose, horsetail, ginger, fennel, cinnamon, cayenne, peppermint, garlic etc, mistletoe is most commonly used as an anti-inflammatory herb. The reason behind this is that mistletoe causes vasoconstriction of blood vessels and this reduces blood circulation and causes lowering of blood pressure. The best time to use mistletoe for treating hypertension is during winter when it is cold and at least a foot away from the windows.

Cardamom is another herb that has a great effect on reducing hypertension. Cardamom helps in decreasing both diastolic and systolic blood pressures. It is commonly consumed with hot cereals. While most people consume cardamom either in tea or in capsules it can also be consumed in hot soup. It is consumed in different forms like syrup, capsules and even in pickles.

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