Foods That Naturally Lower Blood Pressure

There are many foods that naturally lower blood pressure. But, they must be consumed in quantity and for long periods of time in order to have an effect. It would not be a good idea to start by eating them as a trial and error basis. It is best to learn your ways before you make drastic changes to your diet. You don’t want to take any risks.

foods that naturally lower blood pressure

The following list is a compilation of some of the more effective natural alternatives to prescription drugs. Listed are what are considered to be the” safest” and “more natural” herbs and spices, plus the foods that contain them. This list may not be 100% complete because other herbs and spices could be overlooked.

Garlic has anticoagulant, antibacterial, and antiparasitic properties. It can lower cholesterol and increase blood flow to the heart. Garlic is available fresh or can be added to other dishes. Don’t buy the chopped kind. Keep the whole thing. Eat a large, cooked garlic clove a day. It contains allicin, a compound that regulates blood pressure. Use a garlic press to grate it into a food processor or blender. A blender is more convenient and easier to use than a knife, because it cuts everything down to the chip level. People who get their daily dose of garlic know that it is a powerful weapon when it comes to lowering your hypertension. Use it on all your foods that naturally lower blood pressure. Cook with it, whenever you have time. You’ll be surprised at how great it tastes.

Spinach contains magnesium, potassium, iron, and several flavonoids. Some research suggests that spinach has a positive effect on blood pressure. Eating one or two raw sprigs a day is probably the safest way to go. If you like dark vegetables, spinach is probably one of your favorite foods. The reason is not only because it tastes good but also because it has a lot of nutrients. Vegetables are natural blood pressure reducers.

Nuts contain essential fatty acids, protein, and several other nutrients that naturally lower blood pressure. Try almonds, pecans, walnuts, cashews, and peanuts. If you eat them in moderation, they won’t cause any problems.

Pumpkin seeds contain gamma linolenic acid. This fatty acid has been shown in studies to reduce blood fat. Eating a serving a day is recommended. Add them to salads or other favorite dishes. They are also high in protein.

Egg yolks naturally lower blood pressure. You’ll find this delicious breakfast food at any supermarket. Just be sure to watch the cholesterol content.

There are many other foods that naturally lower blood pressure. Changing your diet is the best way to lower blood pressure. Of course, the first thing you should do is talk with your doctor. Below are some more foods that naturally lower blood pressure.

Lemons are sweet and acidic and have been shown in studies to lower blood pressure. Lemon gives off a gas that raises blood pressure. Eat fresh lemons whenever possible. Try having a wedge of lemon in your soup or salad. It will taste great and add a little extra flavor to your food.

Tomatoes contain a phytoalexin called lycopene. Research has shown that eating tomatoes lower blood pressure. Add them to your salad or soup. Tomato juice is also an option. Tomatoes are great in tomato soup. Add some salsa to your soup or add it to your own tortilla chips. If you don’t like tomatoes, try carrot juice instead.

Eating bananas brings on a delicious feeling that can counteract the negative effects of those high blood pressure chemicals in your system. Eat them with a little peanut butter or jelly on top. You may be surprised at how good they taste.

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