Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

foods that lower blood pressure naturally

Do foods that lower blood pressure naturally really exist? The surprising answer is yes. In fact, there are a number of foods that you can eat on a regular basis and still lower your blood pressure without having to change your entire diet. However, you must be careful that you only change what you eat and avoid those saturated fats that are often recommended. Not all fats are bad for you and some can actually be beneficial to your health.

Sodium is one of the substances that you should avoid in order to lower blood pressure. Sodium is often found in precooked and processed foods. Be sure to cook your foods yourself if you often snack or eat out. Foods that you would typically snack on such as potato chips, cheese sticks, and other crackers should be used for snacks only. Instead of eating chips, have an apple, peach, pear, banana, plum, or whatever other fresh fruit you like instead. Many of the foods that raise blood pressure are high in sodium. Sodium is found in table salt, canned vegetables and even meats. Be sure to keep your sodium intake reasonable and monitor your blood pressure often. You should also plan some kind of exercise on a regular basis and get regular exercise as part of your overall weight loss program. Exercise lowers both your stress level and your cholesterol level.

One of the most popular foods that lower blood pressure naturally is dark chocolate. There are many health gurus who say that consuming dark chocolate, with a little sugar added, is healthy. It contains flavonoids, which are known to have a protective effect on blood vessels. Flavonoids also help protect the brain cells from damage. Even though these antioxidants seem to work well on your heart health, there is some evidence that eating too much of them can increase your risk of stroke.

Another one of the foods that lower blood pressure naturally is olive oil. It has been shown to help reduce your risk of both heart disease and stroke. Olive oil helps your heart stay healthy because it helps to pump it properly. It may even lower your triglycerides and increases your HDL. This means that it is great food for heart health.

Your primary care doctor should be able to help you identify foods that lower blood pressure naturally by recommending changes in your lifestyle. For example, if you smoke or have a sedentary lifestyle, this can all be changed. Changing your lifestyle can sometimes make the difference between keeping your blood pressure in the normal range or increasing it.

Diet is just one part of managing high blood pressure, but it can be a powerful tool. Many people do not realize how much their diet affects their health. Just as with other health issues such as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, there are certain foods that lower blood pressure that should be avoided. There are many different types of foods that lower blood pressure, so it is important to find out what foods you should avoid.

When it comes to managing high blood pressure, diet is just one piece of the puzzle. Other lifestyle changes such as eliminating tobacco and alcohol consumption as well as losing weight can also be effective in lowering your blood pressure. Changing your diet may not be enough to help reduce your readings on your own. If you are interested in trying a more natural approach to managing your blood pressure, talk to your primary care doctor to see what options are available for you.