Food To Lower Blood Pressure Instantly

food to lower blood pressure instantly

For many people suffering from hypertension the effects of eating food which increases blood pressure can seem obvious. In particular a lot of the foods we eat are high in cholesterol and sodium which increase the levels of “bad” cholesterol in our blood. These types of foods also increase our body’s use of energy. Often it is these other substances which are the cause of our high blood pressure problems. But by removing these substances and discovering the right food to lower blood pressure instantly we can in fact lower our blood pressure.

The first of the food to lower blood pressure instantly that you can easily start to eat is fruit and vegetables. Most fruit and vegetables are very good for us and contain lots of vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin C which is very effective at reducing the build up of cholesterol in our arteries. Although fruits and vegetables are very good for us they can be quite expensive and so you may not get as much as you would like to. If you buy organic produce there will usually be less packaging and handling but you will probably get a lot more fruit and vegetables per serving. You may also find that buying local produce has other health benefits such as local farming and growing conditions which could be important to you.

Second on the list of food to lower blood pressure instantly is the herb olive leaf. This herb has long been used for its medicinal properties. It can reduce cholesterol and is good for blood pressure as it has a diuretic effect. It is also excellent for keeping the heart healthy and can therefore reduce cardiac problems. Olive leaf can be taken either as a tea or in pill form. Most health food shops stock olive leaf.

Third on the list of food to lower blood pressure instantly is oats. Oats are rich in magnesium, iron and fibre and they also contain B vitamins. There is an old wives tale that eating oats will keep you from being hungry all day but we don’t always have time to make oats a regular part of our diet. Instead oatmeal can be used in baking, shakes and smoothies. The good news is that oats do contain some calories, but if you eat them as a snack they should not add too much to your daily total.

Fourthly there are a variety of herbs and spices, which can also be used to lower blood pressure quickly. Garlic is particularly good for this purpose as it has a bitter taste which makes it less appealing to our taste buds. On the other hand rosemary and thyme are both excellent for their antioxidant properties and are excellent for cooking. Sage is especially good for cooking as it can help to keep our digestive systems clean.

There is loads more food to lower blood pressure instantly that you can find easily in the stores or on the internet. As you are looking for such foods you may also want to consider adding a little exercise to your routine. Exercising on a regular basis is excellent for maintaining your weight and can help you fight off diabetes. You can also improve your overall health and wellbeing by taking part in some form of exercise each week.

So there you have it. Some of the best food to lower blood pressure instantly is easy to find in most health food shops. And if you are unable to get hold of any of these herbs, you can easily make your own. All it takes is a little time and effort to prepare them and you will be well on your way to maintaining your health and being fit. With so many different benefits of food to lower blood pressure instantly, why not give it a try?