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Does Drinking Lots Of Water Lower Blood Pressure?

does drinking lots of water lower blood pressure

Water is a vital part of our bodies. A healthy adult body can contain up to 60% water and our blood is around 90% water. This high water content is one of the most important secrets to maintaining normal blood pressure and can help you reduce your risk of developing hypertension. Blood pressure is measured in millimeters per square inch (mm Hg) and is regulated by two different numbers, the systolic pressure (the force the heart exerts when it contracts) and the diastolic pressure (the pressure that remains constant between heartbeats). A normal blood pressure should be below 120/80 mm Hg.

Drinking more water is beneficial for people with hypertension because it helps the body retain less fluid and lowers blood pressure. If you are not drinking enough water, your body compensates by retaining more sodium, which is linked to high blood pressure. Dehydration also leads to gradual closing of capillary beds, which are microscopic blood vessels in your body. When these beds close, your blood pressure is elevated and less oxygen is delivered to your tissues.

Adding citrus to your water can help reduce your blood pressure. It also adds flavor. Ultimately, the best drink for people with high blood pressure will depend on the person.

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