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Does Beetroot Juice Reduce Blood Pressure?

does beetroot juice reduce blood pressure

Drinking beetroot juice has been proven to significantly reduce blood pressure, but is it safe to take this vegetable in larger quantities? If you’re looking for a natural way to control your blood pressure, this veggie may be worth a try. It contains a powerful phytochemical that improves nerve function, improves blood circulation and purifies the blood. It also contains a healthy amount of iron, which is great for your heart.

A recent study conducted by Professor Ahluwalia has found that beetroot juice certainly can decrease blood pressure. The researchers noted a measurable drop in blood pressure three to four hours after ingestion and continued until 24 hours later. They attribute this decrease in blood pressure to dietary nitrate, a chemical that’s produced during the nitrite conversion process.

The study involved 64 people who were given either a placebo or 250 milliliters of beetroot juice for four weeks. They were also monitored before and after the study. The participants were randomized into two groups: those who took the beetroot juice experienced a reduction of eight to four mmHg. The placebo group, by contrast, did not show any significant reduction in blood pressure.

Moreover, the findings suggest that consuming beetroot juice may lower blood pressure in people with hypertension. However, further studies must be conducted to confirm these results in healthy people. It’s still unknown whether the juice has a similar effect when consumed in a normal diet. The British Heart Foundation funded the study. A more substantial study will be needed to confirm this benefit and investigate long-term effects.

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